With more than 50 years of service to her name, the REGAL EMPRESS was an unparalleled vessel. No doubt this  'Regal' lady was the last of her kind, an amazing survivor of the 1950's era reflecting ocean liner decor that is quickly escaping our grasp in this day and age. The fact that she sailed well into the 21st century is nothing short of remarkable. The majesty of this virtual time capsule featuring real wood and brass - the likes of which will never been seen again - in more ways than one will live on here.  
The sun has finally set on the career of  the OLYMPIA/REGAL EMPRESS after sailing for five decades. 1953-2009

Explore the majesty of this timeless classic deck by deck, fore and aft. Over 180 photos tell the story of this once floating museum. 
All photos Rob OBrien copyright 2008/2009  Unless otherwise noted
The REGAL EMPRESS in January 2009 at Nassau. Photos and copyright Rob OBrien 2009
The Classics are remembered here. 
The S.S. OCEANIC is one of the very last steamships in service today; and certianly extremely lucky for outliving all of her contemparies built before and after her introduction in the mid 1960s. She sails on today as testimony to a strongly built liner for the North Atlantic run and continuing on as a long serving cruise ship. 
The QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 hardly needs any introduction. World renowned for being the finest example of service and luxury that most all cruise ships are measured by. More importanly she is the last of her kind to make scheduled routes across the Atlantic Ocean like so many liners before her did. This is a small tribute to her legacy. May she live on for all to appreciate.
The QE2 making her way down the North River for one of the last times.
Looking straight into the bow of a legend.
The graceful S.S. OCEANIC at Civitavecchia.
The REGAL lady at Freeport on March 24, being stripped of her artwork before her departure and long journey to Alang. Photo & Copyright Rob O'Brien 2009.
Returning to New York Harbor after more than 20 years.
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